Royal College of Arts, London displays art work of Indian students

As isolation forced by lockdown and social distancing has influenced RCA 2020 graduate work both in terms of method and content and consequently moved them to commence its online graduate exhibition following the change in curriculum schools brought by coronavirus pandemic. Institute is set on developing projects on the theme of isolation and those who have been thriving in isolation, adapting to working outside of their usual studio spaces.

The fraternity includes Sir James Dyson the inventor and industrial designer, David Hockney the influential artist, along with India’s Pradip Bose the Vice President Global Design at Tata Motors, Sandeep Ashwath the Associate Dean at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and Geeta Kupur the well-known art critic, historian and curator.

“The Story of Life”, Shiyun Ge (@rita_geshiyun), MA Photography
“Solitudism”, Bi Xia (@bbxax), MA Interior Design
“Sensaura”, @sophiehorrocksdesign, MA/MSc Global Innovation Design

The works of around 850 students from around the world are put on display online for the patrons of art, which were earlier cherished only to the Londoners or those residing in London. Visitors can now also discover a collection of graduate work by leading artists like Sir Jony Ive, RCA Chancellor and Apple Designer, and India’s Sandhini Poddar, Art Historian & Consulting Curator for Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

Here are some Indian artists and designers who have earned the privilege of showcasing their works; Rashmi Bidasaria from Mumbai (MA Design Products), Kaushikee Gupta from Assam (MA Contemporary Art Practice), Deepak Kathait from New Delhi (MA Photography), Shardul Shekhar from New Delhi (MA Painting), Saumya Singhal from Mumbai (MA Service Design), Aarushi Kalra from Delhi (MA Interior Design), and Avirukh Roy from Kolkata (MA Intelligent Mobility)

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