‘Sculpted Stones: Mysteries of Mamallapuram’ – Picture book on Mahabalipuram sculptures explores the intrigues of Shore Temple

Children’s book by Ashwin Prabhu depicting the Pallava-era architecture of a coastal town near Chennai offers a fascinating journey through time, revealing the stories behind the enduring sculptures at Mahabalipuram.

From a mammoth relief panel to cave temples and monoliths, the book showcases sculptural art of astounding skill and a variety of styles rare to find in one location.

Treasuring a rich archive of 65 vivid photographs,  the book takes us through an ‘open-air museum’ for a one-on-one ‘looking’ experience  of captivating sculpture with magnified visual details, narrative – and some riddles to be unravelled!

According to Ashwin, History is not popular with many kids owing to the undue stress on dates and periods, this book aims to explore Mamallapuram through observation of its structures and raise questions to engage with its material heritage.

His first book ‘Classroom With A View: Notes from the Krishnamurti Schools’ came after navigating his way through jobs in the corporate sector and academia. 

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