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Seller policies

How can Authindia help you grow your business.

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Authindia provides opportunity to handicraft manufactures in India to sell their products with Authindia’s E-Commerce business (https://authindia.com/). We are a handicraft marketplace and help Craftspeople & Artisans sell to customers directly via our platform. Invoicing and shipping to customer is vendor’s responsibility. Also any taxation related to sale of your products like VAT, CST etc is vendor’s responsibility.

Vendor represents and warrants that :

Product Quality : Vendor agrees to provide and sell only good quality Products and guarantees that the Products will be functioning normally and meets standard quality requirements and conditions of the respective kind of Products and will not have any hidden deficiencies. If the Product that the vendor sold is in a poor quality, Authindia or the End User can return faulty Product to them and they must replace it with the good quality Product.

Transaction Processing : AuthIndia will collect the payment through its designated payment gateway and shall remain the sole property of AuthIndia only. On all the Payment Gateway aspects, the identity of AuthIndia shall be mentioned. AuthIndia shall be responsible for all customer complaints in regards to payment gateway issues and system related errors. The transaction fee (or
commission) varies from 10% – 25% (depending on the products) on cost to the buyer (Listing Price). For all the successful fulfillment of orders, AuthIndia will be remitting the vendor in a span of every 7 days.

Customer Service : Vendor is expected to co-operate in good faith with AuthIndia to resolve any customer service related issues with drop ship orders and/or returns. Vendor is expected to reply to AuthIndia within 24 business hours of first inquiry regarding customer service issues and continue to be responsive until customer service issue is resolved

Authorizations : Vendor grants to Authindia the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to use and display any product information, specifications, warranty information, data, images, and/or intellectual property Vendor furnishes Authindia for use in its E-Commerce business (https://authindia.com/). Authindia may use Vendor Content for any purpose related to its E-Commerce business or in furtherance of promoting Vendor’s products, including use in Authindia’s websites, emails, and marketing or advertising campaigns.

Vendor acknowledges that Authindia is relying upon Vendor to ensure that all Vendor Content is accurate and complete, and Vendor agrees to notify Authindia and revise and resubmit Vendor Content promptly upon discovery that it is inaccurate or incomplete.