Shanti Banaras’s new line of Tapestries reimagines Banarasi weaves with Pichwai motifs

One of India’s renowned heritage textile designer families introduced 80 intricately embroidered frames depicting Lord Krishna and Radha in a scenic setting which were gifted to guests in a wedding.

The tapestries are graced with intricately embroidered peacocks, lotuses, and rivers motifs.The have contemporosoride the Pichwai painting  with the help of a team of designers, including a weaver, and dyer, among others.Giving ‘Shanti’ spin to them, the uniqueness of our artworks lies in details as the hand-painted Pichwais have intricate embroidery.   

“The borders have zardozi work and velvet in the corner. Further, we have used Swarovski and embellished it with various jewels to complete the look.The artworks are going to be a continued offering by the brand,” says Khushi Shah, founder of apparel brand Shanti Banaras.

Currently, the collection of five hand-embroidered artworks are on display in their Delhi store which have been crafted in about more than 100 coloured silk  threads by artisans from Benaras. 

As per Shah, founder of apparel brand Shanti Banaras, Banaras-based brand received biggest order of their latest venture launched some years back in 2019. Uncoventioally this the order was different from usual offerings of handlooms and textiles as it entails hand embroidered Pichwai Silk tapestries.

Drawing from Rajasthan’s 400-year-old art of Pichwai, the tapestries depict landscapes, luscious trees in shades of green and yellow, lotuses, blue rivers, architecture, peacocks, and more.


As per the founder, there is a unique story behind each artwork. For instance, their most prominent piece — the classic Boat of Love — is divided into two scenes. “The upper half of the painting depicts Lord Krishna and Radha enjoying the sunset and city views in a boat with their sakhis while the riverbank is depicted with architecture laving the embankment

In the bottom half, the couple is having a rendezvous, in a lush jungle. Another tapestry close to her heart is Shri Shringaar, wherein one can observe Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya welcome Shrinathji and perform his shringaar. “Almost 97 resham threads and Swarovski garlands were used. It’s very finely laid out and depicts a picturesque lake with a foyer at the front, and is filled with traditional Pichwai motifs like cows, lush green jungles, as well as a palatial house,” adds Khushi.

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