Sikkim teacher honoured with National Award for introducing activity-based innovative pedagogical practices

Mingma Sherpa, a headmaster in-charge at government primary school in Lum

Mingma Sherpa, a headmaster in-charge at government primary school in Lum, one of the far flung villages in North Sikkim was honoured on teacher’s day for his exemplary efforts in practical learning during lockdown that resulted in improving the quality of education.

It is most certain that when we teach experiential learning, we are teaching people to find their values, bring them out for the purpose of reaching their full potential and Mingma Sherpa championed the cause with redoutable success.

As per State Education department press release, Sherpa made tremendous efforts for enhancement of enrolment and retention of children in the school system by a way of preparing a low cost and no cost teaching-learning materials, activity-based learning and innovative pedagogy process.

He used waste material as the teaching and learning material during lockdown when many students in rural areas were put out of the schools due to the financial crisis. Apart from this he raised funds from the community to improve his school’s infrastructure.

All his efforts led to the improving the quality of education and under his guidance, seven students have been selected for the prestigious CM Meritorious Scholarship Scheme.

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