Tamil Nadu Artist creates stunning replica of world’s oldest optical illusion carved in stone using Sunlight

Vignesh, a 32-year-old artist from Tamil Nadu uses solar radiations focused through a magnifying lens to burn intricate details of various figures and patterns on wood, the unique art technique is called Heliography.

The artist has long been stupifying the audiences with his unique art form, Vignesh draws outlines on wood using a pencil and then burns in the intricate details using sunlight concentrated through a magnifying lens.

His most admired work so far is a replica of a 900-year-old optical illusion carved in stone at the Airavatesvara temple in Kumbakonam.The painting is accomplished after overcoming many challenges owing to its intricate details and adverse weather conditions, but Vignesh managed to completed it in a month.

Vignesh turned to art as a form of therapy after his mother deceased. He experimented with various art forms such as pencil sculpture, 3D painting, and hyper-realistic art.

Vignesh happened to meet American solar artist Michael Papadakis and discovered the blazing world of sunlight art. Intrigued by the authenticity of the art form, Vignesh decided to stick with using lenses and mirrors instead of lasers to harness solar energy.

Not only did heliography provide Vignesh with a meaningful outlet for his creativity, but it also helped him regain focus and self-confidence. His work started gaining attention online, particularly his celebrity portraits, which attracted fan pages and garnered him over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Recognizing the potential of his art, Vignesh began earning income by selling keychains and accepting larger commissions. In fact, one of his artworks titled “Hours of Shade” was auctioned as an NFT and sold for a significant sum.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Vignesh has also taken on the role of an art teacher and plans to hold a summer workshop on heliography next year. 

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