Handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has evolved through the years when it comes to ancient traditions of rich and cultural handicrafts. It has such predominant prevalence in the world of art and crafts that people from all over the world visit the state for the sake of buying such handicraft items. Right from stone sculptures to bronze and brass items, you get everything in the form of exclusive art. The Tanjore art and paintings are also a famous form of art of Tamil Nadu. Basically, the decorative pieces found in the temples are made by the artists of Tamil Nadu which are totally handmade. Some of the most loved handicraft items of Tamil Nadu are pattamadai mats, Chola bronzes, Kanchipuram sarees, Tanjore gold leaf paintings, stone craft, pottery, papier mache, embroidery, woodcraft, metalware, durries, musical instruments, etc.  These are some of the famous forms of handicraft items available in the Tamil Nadu state of India that are immensely popular around the world.

Our Collection from Tamil Nadu

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