Tanjore Painting Workshop

on Silk Fabric

Learn a completely unique style of Tanjore style artwork on Silk fabric to give your couture a cultural touch.

24th & 25th July 2021

2 Days Workshop

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm IST

₹ 2999/-

₹ 1999/-

Tanjore Painting

Online session on Google Meet

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About the Workshop

Tanjore style painting on a fabric is famous and classical South Indian painting form ..this art is inculcated from traditional Tanjore art which was originated from Thanjavur.

  • The workshop will be a basic level.
  • Complete technique will be thought.
  • One on one importance will be given.

Once u learn this art form u can create your own style painting on blouse, sarees, kurtas, lehanga, shirt and so on.

Materials Required

  1. Good quality RAW SILK fabric (1mtr/1/2 mtr)
  2. Peacock design colour and black and white print (5 to 6 inches only)
  3. Embroidary ring (medium size)
  4. COLOURS (Fabrica/Fevicryl company bottle paints
    (white, black, crimson, orange, pink, metallic gold)
  5. 3D metallic gold outliner (Fevicryl company)
  6. BRUSHES (synthetic brushes )
    Flat – 2,3
    Round – 0,5,6
  7. White carbon, yellow carbon paper
  8. Tracing sheet A4 size
  9. Palette 🎨/plate ( flat surface)
  10. Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale (inches)
  11. Stones (Kundan stones)
    (White, red, green, blue, purple) basic Size 3mm
  12. Fevicol/fabric glue
  13. Waste Cotton cloth/tissue
  14. Two set of water bowls
  15. Note book
  16. Black marker thin ones
Bhavya M Reddy

Bhavya M Reddy
An Artist by Passion

Taken art as profession since 2012. Bhavya has accomplished more than 2000 paintings and has taught more than 1000 student.

Inventing a completely unique style of Tanjore style artwork on Silk fabric, her workshops are joined by more than 180 participants from across the world in merely 5 months.

Tanjore Style Artworks by Bhavya M Reddy

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