Tata’s Taneria aspires to make Saree fashion a nationalist cause

Acquiring chief of its business from traditional Indian weaves of various states for example chanderi, Banarsi, Maheswari and patan patola, the Tata-owned brand Taneria is looking to expand the store chain in new cities to increase customer base.

After this financial year gone in vain for many ethnic & traditional labels for the reasons known to all, the brands are now looking to revive the demand through trunk shows and opening up stores in new cities in order to expand the customer base.

Taneria is the exquisite retail brand of Titian Company which showcases a repertoire of handloom sarees from various different states such as Chanderi and Maheshwari from Madhya Pradesh, Patan Patola from Gujarat and Banarsi for Varanasi.The brand is keen on holding trunk shows in multiple locations after discerning the most suitable locations for the investment of a permanent retail outlets.

Wrapping seven yards of silken fabric around a suave feminine form has its own charm,  it may sounds a bit clunky to some but the grace of handloom silk makes all the trouble taken in fixing your drape worthwhile  and millions of women who go about their daily lives in traditional Indian attire wear them with pride.

Cover image by ET Retail

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