Thriving between the meditative folds: Origami inspired designs

Inspired from the geometrical shapes of terrestrial and spatial objects, Origami is an ancient  Japanese art of folding which can be replicated into textile and architectural designs.

Having its roots in Japanese culture, like any other pastime activities, origami is a children’s activity of folding a thing into smallest size with appeal for adults as well. It is easy for beginners but you quickly feel you’ve achieved something with the simplest folds, the basic idea of how you fold down something into a smaller size.

The upcoming art show, joined by noted artists like Ankon Mitra, Gopika Nath, Jagannath Panda, Paula Sengupta, Pranati Panda, Puneet Kaushik, Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora, and Subodh Kerkar that explores the aesthetic versatility of fibres and textiles through art. Titled Fibre of Our Lives, the exhibition curated by Pranamita Borgohain, has eight artists use threads, wool, beads and fabric using techniques like knitting, embroidery, stitching, crochet, pasting and many other ways.

Seasoned architect, artist Ankon Mitra tries to dovetail the origami and architecture and has come up with his invention of Oritecture, which is a meditative practice of dissolving the boundaries between craft and engineering.

According to many retailers in Asia traditional Japanese art of paper folding – is enjoying a huge surge in popularity in fashion circles featuring origami styles folds and pleats, apart from this, with its Zen-like soothing qualities due to repetitive forms, it is presenting a practical choice for adults seeking a break from technology.

Cover image from MashIndia

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