Warli Art Course

Learn the elements of warli art step-by-step and draw a Warli village theme artwork by yourself.

4 Pre-recorded Sessions

2 hrs of Learning

Lifetime Access

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₹ 399/- only

Warli Art - Shriya Sinha

Session 1

Introduction to Warli Art.

Session 2

How to make human figures in Warli art.

Session 3

Learn how to make a perfect harpa dance.

Session 4

Complete the final composition of village theme painting.

Know the Artist

Shriya Sinha

Shriya is an interior designer by profession and is an artist by passion. She has a keen interest in folk arts and has been studying, practicing and teaching Warli art for almost 7 years now. She has made Warli art works the scale of an entire wall and also on many pillars in colleges and houses. Apart from having a keen interest in traditional arts, she also has an inherent inclination towards various craft forms.

In this session, you will make a Warli village theme artwork consisting of elements like:
  • Warli Human Figure
  • Warli Border
  • Warli Tarpa Dance Motif
  • Warli Instrument Players
  • Warli Tree and Bird 
  • Warli Huts
  • Warli Animals
  • Warli Sun and Moon
Materials Required
  • A4 size Drawing Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Pen/ Black gel pen / black technical pen and Black Sketch Pen
  • Scale, Compass (Geometry Box)

Warli Paintings by Shriya Sinha

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