Whizz-kids from Kochi’s design institute crafted toys out of waste

Students prodigy flourish in the Fashion design students of St Teresa’s College, Kochi as they conjured up educational toys made out of reusable items for anganwadi children.

With professionals and startups in toy business are embracing circular economy and adopting the techniques of making eco-friendly, sustainable and safe toys from recycled, organic materials, the Apparel and Fashion Design Technology students of St Teresa’s College (Kochi), Kerala couldn’t feel prouder and enthusiastic to have donated the handcrafted educational toys made out of recycled materials to anganwadi children.

A total of 21 educational toys which make use of discarded clothes, building material, bags, and boxes were handed over to Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) authorities, to be given to an anganwadi in Mattancherry.

The Fashion Design curriculum of the college has a specific subject called Design Thinking which targets addressing a design/product-related to the issues faced by the society and finding solutions to mitigate them. It is associated with the outreach project of the College.

Talking about the hazards of imported plastic toys, Supriya Nair of the Fashion Design Department said, “We identified the problem of toxic substances used in imported toys  and wanted the students to come up with alternatives. The College works with ICDS for training and awareness programmes for anganwadi teachers, handing over the toys was an extension of that engagement.”
The business of green toys actually has a huge potential as consumers are more likely to buy a toy because it’s made of sustainable materials. “If these sustainable toys do well, it’s because the products are interesting and safe for children and India has many clusters in various cities like Varanasi, Channapatna, Trichy and others making traditional toys.

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