A Taste of History: Pune’s Victorian-Inspired Restaurant Opens Its Doors

Enter a realm where Victorian elegance meets timless charm of Indian crafts. Designed by Oormi Rohra, Founder, Studio of Dawn and Dusk, this new restaurant in Pune invites you to immerse yourself in a setting straight out of a Bridgerton-inspired dream.

Drawing inspiration from Pimlico, a stylish London neighborhood with Regency charm, this 800-square-foot Pune restaurant, also named Pimlico, extends an existing venue. Designed by Oormi Rohra of Studio of Dawn and Dusk, it seamlessly blends different design elements to create an elegant, welcoming atmosphere that fulfills the client’s vision of sophistication and comfort.

In just 35 days, Pune’s new restaurant came to life with a clear vision inspired by Pimlico’s streets. It seamlessly merges modern, Victorian, and Regency styles into a playful yet sophisticated ambiance, offering diners a journey through time and style.

Upon entering, guests are immediately greeted by Regency architecture: elegant arches, sculpted column capitals, wainscoting, and patterned fabrics and wallpapers. The open 800-square-foot layout creatively uses levels and delineates areas, enhancing the overall design.

The design combines black and white floor tiles with rich wooden panels and wainscoting on the walls and ceiling. Backlit checkered and ribbed glass panels enhance the atmosphere. Built-in seating with patterned upholstery is paired with marble-topped tables on wooden bases, accented by brass details and complemented by wicker chairs.

The William Morris inspired wallpapered ceiling is highlighted by a custom-designed curved light fixture of polycarbonate and wood, casting a gentle glow. Emerald green walls and a vibrant green epoxy floor section add richness, blending modern elements with timeless elegance to create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

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