A well spun boyhood to pride of Kashmir

Working at the Craft Village in New Delhi, Mir is the youngest Kashmiri Pashmina weaver in the country.

For National Award winner weaver, Majid Ahmad Mir, it was his passion for the craft that made him take up calligraphy weaving.It is a matter of immense pride for him to be associated with the craft that has been with his clan for over 700 years. Learning the traditional craft from his father he is passionate about improvising it by incorporating contemporary designs.

Calligraphy weaving is a laborious process which demands remarkable skills, practice and dexterity of hands.Depending upon the intricacy in weaving, pattern and design, one full Kani shawl can take anywhere between two months to two years, depending on the. Single colour, Plain woven shawls takes about seven to 10 days.

Fayaz Ahmed Mir
Pashmina Kani Shawls
+91 88250 86416

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