Ãnändå- Four exquisite rugs series from House of Knots is a work of art by architect Sona Reddy

House of Knots has collaborated with architect Sona Reddy to lay a cultural compendium of South India, Ananda, a collection of handmade rugs capturing the ageless beauty of Southern India. With four distinct designs — Malati, Bela, Maya and Dhara — each rug with its unique pattern reflects cultural significance of the region.

The handmade rugs, christened endearingly as “Ãnändå meaning ‘ultimate bliss’ are the creation of architect Sona Reddy who was entrusted with the task of intertwining her inherent wisdom and experience of the region’s  affluent culture.

The collection features four distinct luxurious rugs that offer an enchanting glimpse into the pristine world of Southern India’s culture and tradition. Handmade from the finest materials, the rugs showcase detailed designs that encapsulate the essence of the region and offer a heartfelt tribute to the timeless traditions cherished by the local community.

The rugs manifest an age-old craftsmanship and are crafted from the finest wool, various forms of botanical silk & jute to bestow every element of the rugs with a lifelike quality. The four designs can be distinguished in patterns as below:

  • The Malati Rug: A testimony to Indian craftsmanship, the rug portrays an elegant silhouette of an Indian lady amidst a delicate tapestry of Jasmine flower.
  • The Bela Rug: A gorgeous rendition of delicate garlands of roses, the rug symbolizes love and romance. It takes one on a journey into the world of eternal love and beauty and is crafted from premium silk and wool.
  • The Maya Rug: With a backdrop of the ancient “Kolam,” a design deeply rooted in South Indian culture, the rug depicts delicate hibiscus flowers with a captivating 3D effect. The rugs effectively encapsulate the spirit of the region’s rich heritage and narrate a tale of strength and culture.
  • The Dhara Rug: The rug beautifully entwines the simplicity of banana leaves and the elusive beauty of Jasmine flowers. Blending Indian art and natural beauty, the white flowers are exquisitely crafted in bamboo silk, while the red ones shimmer in the luxurious embrace of Tencel.

As per Shivam Agarwal, Creative Director at House of Knots, this remarkable collaboration is a testament to the enduring beauty of South India. It’s a reflection of our commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of this extraordinary region.

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