Chuzhi House: Harmonizing Architecture and Nature in Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu

Designed by Vinu Daniel, founder of Wallmakers, Chuzhi is a pioneering example of sustainable architecture nestled in Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu. This project seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, showcasing the transformative power of innovative design.

Chuzhi, named for ‘whirlpool’ in Malayalam, boasts swirling precast concrete walls made from 4,000 discarded plastic bottles. Designed around three tamarind trees, Vinu Daniel’s creation blends seamlessly with the rocky terrain, showcasing dedication to upcycling and harmony with nature.

Witness the true magic as the walls elegantly spiral upwards, leading to a flat, polygonal glass roof. This innovative design fills the interiors with natural light, maintaining the integrity of the surrounding tree canopy. Imagine waking up under a living canopy, with sunlight streaming through the leaves above.

Reclaimed wood floors offer warmth underfoot, complemented by exposed mud walls that create a natural, textured atmosphere. The open layout enhances connectivity, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. Embracing minimalism, sleek lines, and natural materials cultivate a serene ambiance.

Chuzhi’s  sustainable design thrives underground, using natural insulation to cool interiors in hot summers and conserving water with rainwater harvesting. It transforms discarded plastic bottles and reclaimed wood into functional and beautiful elements, challenging conventional luxury by prioritizing harmony with nature.

This project is a beacon for a new generation of architects redefining sustainability. It boldly shows that luxury can be found in simplicity, and true beauty lies in balancing human ingenuity with the natural world. In Chuzhi’s design, every element reflects a commitment to creating spaces that inspire, enrich, and sustain.

Photographs: https://www.wallmakers.org/chuzhi-shoolagiri/

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