‘Aramness’ – A village-styled lodge in Sasan Gir National Park asserts the claim of civilization in wilderness

Designed with rustic authenticity and luxury elements in equal measure, Aramness is a peaceful village-inspired lodge entrenched in the local culture and crafts of Gujarat, the stay truly offers a wildlife experience which is hard to resist.

Aramness is a dream project inspired from the founder Jimmy Patel’s passion for wildlife. According to him, ‘Over the years, the frequent expeditions to Sasan Gir with family left an indelible mark on him and inspired him to develop something that would both celebrate and highlight the plight of conservation in my home state and further afield.

“I aim to do this through the delivery of an exceptional resident experience,” says the founder Jimmy.

The handsome jali-screened and colonnaded building is where the guests are welcomed. The imposing sandstone towers of the haveli have been meticulously hand-carved in the traditional method by local masons with their motif inspired by the perforations of dried sal tree leaves.

To the left of the haveli, guests can enjoy a great deal of relaxation in the swimming pool, spa, gym, craft gallery and yoga and meditation pavilion.


The spacious, cool courtyard is fringed by the dining room, sitting room and library, and looks out over beautifully landscaped, terraced gardens.

Sustainability encompasses every aspect of Aramness — from the way it is built to the way it operates. In the building of the lodge, a clever choice of organic and natural materials is put to use. Sensitive to the ethos and culture of the region, hand-cut sandstone, sun-baked clay roof tiles and reclaimed wood were ethically sourced from the surrounding villages and Gujarat.

The 18 kothis at the property celebrate the best of Gujarati design, with a baraza seat and planter on its street façade. Each kothi is a spacious double-storeyed building with tiled roof that overlooks the waterways and beyond to the dense teak forest. Each kothi has one or two ground floor bedrooms, a sitting room, and a luxurious and spacious bathroom with a tub and an outdoor shower.

The key feature in this library is an original wooden lattice screen façade of the building that creates a beautiful vantage over the gardens. The library can also be booked for private dinners.

This project unveils a new Indian safari experience—the village-style lodge, entrenched in local culture. Here, the last remaining Asiatic lions in the world co-exist with the semi-nomadic Maldhari tribe.

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