Architectural Abstractions: An origami artist’s ode to Delhi’s Design

Explore the dynamic world of Chetnaa, a master of geometric abstractions capturing the essence of New Delhi’s landscape. Witness lines intertwine with space and form dance with perception on her canvas.

Chetnaa, a homegrown artist, masters geometric abstractions, where lines merge with space and form plays with perception. Her canvas becomes a playground for architectural motifs, reflecting New Delhi’s dynamic landscape.

Derived from the timeless art of origami, Kirigami breathes vitality into paper through meticulous cuts and folds. It epitomizes the fusion of precision and creativity, where each incision unveils a new dimension. Unlike its counterpart, origami, Kirigami fearlessly embraces the transformative potential of slicing, sculpting creations that challenge both gravity and conventional design.     

Immersing herself in the academic environment of the prestigious College of Art, New Delhi, she honed her technical skills to deftly translate the intricate nuances of urban landscapes into visually compelling schematics.

In her seminal series ‘Ephemera’, Chetnaa captures Delhi’s historical essence through three-dimensional Kirigami sculptures delicately placed on a map of Shahjahanabad. Each piece embodies the delicate interplay between preservation and progress, serving as silent sentinels of the city’s evolving narrative. The series acts as a poignant reflection, inviting viewers to contemplate the nuanced equilibrium between architectural heritage and contemporary design paradigms.    

Her showcases at esteemed venues such as the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art underscore her burgeoning impact within the contemporary art landscape. Chetnaa’s artistic journey is highlighted by accolades like the Glenfiddich Emerging Artist of the Year Award, showcasing her growing presence in the global art scene.                      

In a world where urban landscapes shift and memories wane, Chetnaa’s art serves as a timeless monument to the fleeting beauty found within cityscapes. It’s a homage to impermanence, orchestrating a melodic tapestry of lines that inscribe narratives of resilience and metamorphosis onto the architectural fabric of time. 

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