Ayodhya airport designed by Sthapati ushers in a new era of vernacular public space architecture

Designed by Sthapati Architectural firm, the recently inaugurated Ayodhya Airport terminal serves as a huge canvas with murals conveying the profound messages directing the cultural enrichment of the community.

Built at a cost of Rs 1,450 crore, Maharshi Valmiki International Airport marks the start of a new era of cultural designs.

Whole transit area including the skylights is adorned with the intricate artworks narrating a timeless story of Lord Ram, which transcends the conventional journey of passengers into a pilgrimage. 

The mural at the facade features the bow and arrow, signifying the bravery to confront falsehood, while hexagonal light particles represent the everlasting victory of truth over hierarchy.

There are seven stepped shikharas at the entrance, which are inspired by the Nagara style of architecture. The architectural design reflects the style of the Ram Temple itself, with the interior decor showcasing local art depicting the life of lord Ram.

The columns are based on the seven Kandas (books) of the Ramayana. An effort has been made to capture the entire essence of Ramayana and the temple town.

The new 6,500 square metre terminal building, designed to accommodate 300 passengers during peak hours and handle 6 lakh passengers annually, features passenger amenities such as nine check-in counters, three conveyor belts, and tactile paths.

In contrast to traditional stone facades, the intricate ornamental work is crafted using GRC which serves as a sustainable alternative. 

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