Bastar Dhokra Art

Bastar Dhokra Art

Do you know what is Bastar Dhokra Art? You have no idea where Dhokra craft is fabricated? Do you know the story of its genesis?

From ancient times, Bastar Art has been famous all over the world. The art and craft that comes from the people of this region are famous to the world for their ethnicity and designs. The artists have preserved this valuable art and craft from generation to generation and due to limited exposure, they are still available on weekly markets only.

Bastar Dhokra art is a type of metallurgical artwork based on the lost wax method that’s used throughout the alloy casting. Evidently, like myriad other kinds of artwork from India – one of the greatest seats of civilization, Dokra can be a sort of Indian handicraft which belongs to the genre of brass-ware handicrafts.

The tribals of Bastar region are famous for making such handicrafts using conventional tools and not the modern machines. The Bastar Dhokra Art is mainly divided into bamboo art, woodwork, metal arts, and soil art.

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Bastar Dhokra Art

There are countless of contemporary sculptors that give other methods a miss, preferring Dhokra more than fancied stuff.

Bamboo art

It is made with bamboo sheets and the main products made from this material are baskets, chairs, living room table, mat, home furniture, etc. These types of stuff are very famous amongst the common people as these are all usable items and are of great use to everyone around the world.

Wood artworks

It is mainly carried out using wooden material and used in making god and goddess statues, decorations and other pieces of handicrafts that are used in Bastar festivals. This type of woodwork is very famous for its creativity and uniqueness which has made a mark in and around the world. 

Soil art

It is evident that the use of soil is the main thing in this kind of Bastar Handicrafts. The items that are made using soil art includes statues of gods and goddesses, vases, pots, decorative utensils, household furnishings, etc. There is a huge popularity of this kind of handicraft item as they are not generally found in today’s time.

Metal art 

In this type of art, a mixture of copper and tin is used to make handicrafts and artifacts. The Bell Metal Art is very popular amongst all forms of Bastar art and thus defines the creativity of the artists in the Bastar region. The items made under this type of art include idols of the tribe, god and goddess statues, home furnishings, etc.

Industrial manufacturing units and the tribes of Bastar region have been using the lost wax method of Dhokra craft for the previous one hundred years.

Bastar Dhokra Art


The district of Bastar is mainly covered with forests from every side. This district marks the presence of various tribal communities and it has a large population of the same. The “wall of Bastar crafts” attracts people’s attention from all over the world which results in the huge popularity of the Bastar arts and crafts amongst them. 

The art enthusiasts and connoisseurs from all over the world love to exchange pleasantries with these artists due to their extreme talent in making these types of handicraft items. The Bastar handicrafts mainly reflect the rural culture of the tribal community.

As it is usually scrap metal that’s commonly utilized by Dokra craftsmen or Dhokra Artist is seen as eco friendly craft. Artisans nowadays, at the behest of cultural & external affairs and handicrafts ministries of India, are trying to incorporate more modern designs into Dhokra Art.

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Bastar Dhokra Art

Therefore it is no surprise that this unbelievably beautiful and individualistic art form has become increasingly traveling across the coasts and hitting the global economies of Europe and America, where it is found big favor with the worldwide customers.

Individuals in Milan have been bowled over by the complexity of patterns and also peerless craftsmanship for which Dhokra art is famed.

Even though Dhokra is mainly referred to as the art of Chhattisgarh and Bengal, there are thriving centers of Dhokra manufacturing units in portions of Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Orissa in India.


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Bastar Dhokra Art

You’ll find the Dhokra Artisans snaps sporadically across a vast tract of mineral rich land in all the tribal dominated pockets of central India and portions of Bengal in districts Such as Birbhum, Bankura, Midnapore, Purulia and Burdwan. The folk cultures of those tribal belts have provided inspiration for Dhokra motifs. In places like Raigarh and Bastar districts of Chhattisgarh, bronze, brass and bell metal are used to carve out Dokra craft/Dhokra art.

If you are someone who takes an interest in Art and Crafts and has a deep liking for handicrafts then Bastar Dhokra Art is something that you can take interest in. It reflects the culture and uniqueness of the artists and talents that our country has and we must never underestimate the talent at any cost. We must take a pledge to make them more popular in various ways that we can! 

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