Beyond Luxury: Exploring Hermès’ Second BKC Store in Mumbai

Hermès unveiled its second new store in BKC, Mumbai this year with an air of indulgence prevailed across the space. At its heart, the emblematic Hermès window display, bridging artistry and fantasy, was envisioned by Aradhana Seth, a production designer and filmmaker.                

At 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hermès’ historic Paris store, the window showcases “Faubourg in an Enchanted Forest,” blending Gond art from Madhya Pradesh with motifs of wildlife and flora on displayed objects. Aradhana, in conjunction with The Production Terminus, articulated her vision for the Hermès window as follows: “Each tree and creature echoes tales of enchantment, where abstract shapes intertwine with geometric precision. I sought to craft a gateway that ensnares the imagination of onlookers—a realm both recognisable and surreal.”

Aradhana, who navigates between still design and moving image, embraces a 3D perspective over 2D. Contrasting with the warm interiors of Jio World Plaza in BKC by Paris’s RDAI, the window merges Gond art’s tradition with French elegance.

In Madhya Pradesh, artists adapted their craft to embrace sculpture, moving beyond traditional flat surfaces. At Hermès, where colors imbue silk and leather with vibrancy, Aradhana draws from a palette of 75,000 shades. Her aim: to introduce nuanced colors and occasional absences, creating depth and richness in each piece.

Aradhana admires Hermès stores for their cultural insight and symbolism. Inspired by Leila Menchari’s work, she explores new perspectives. The window features a horse drinking from a grape-purple Chaine d’ancre motif amidst trees in pink and blue. Nearby, a horse stands by an Hermès bag and other items, blending practicality with elegance.

In Hermès’ new BKC store, the mirrored floor embodies Faubourg’s timeless spirit. Precision-cut mirrors support trees without visible attachments, while a podium in creams and greens features sculptures of horse heads and an owl. Playful creatures roam freely on the reflective surface, crafting an enchanting, handmade forest that draws in viewers, as envisioned by the filmmaker.

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