Bidriware: The Traditional Masterpiece of Metal and Motifs

Bidriware is a renowned metal Indian handicraft derived from the small town Bidar in Karnataka. This artwork was originated in the late 14the century during the period of Bahamani Sultans.  Bidriware is known for its unique design and moreover craftsmen’s efforts who spent hours and hours in learning and getting mastered over it. These craftsmen manufacture graceful handicrafts.

Bidriware represents an eccentric metal art piece and is one of the remarkable entangled handicrafts. These beautiful handicrafts are one of the most exported articles from India. People from all over the world love these handicrafts as it is impeccable and moreover beautifies the living space. The fine thin linings and other beautiful works found on Bidriware handicrafts fascinate everyone as it represents the culture of India in a traditional way. 

How did the Bidriware form of artwork originate?

As already mentioned, Bidriware’s artwork was empowered by Bahmani Sultans who had ruled in the 14th -15th century. Bidriware is the coalescence of Persian, Turkish, and Arabic designs. Nobody knows the exact facts about how Bidriware flourished in Karnataka under Bahmani Sultans. For the first time, it was seen in India by the disciples of Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty back in the 12th Century. Some facts revealed that craftsmen of Bidriware came from Iran and spread in different parts of India and later these artists vowed many emperors’ by these beautiful handicrafts. 

How Bidriware artworks are made and what are the common products? 

Bidriware artwork is made by the amalgamation process of zinc, copper, and other precious metals. This blended mixture is used in artistic patterns, the complete process involves a set of many steps out of blackening is the most important one. The designing and crafting of such beautiful products start with molding followed by smoothing the product. Later steps include chiseling, engraving, and the most artistic step is inlaying of metal followed by buffing, smoothing, finally oxidizing the Bidriware handicraft by aluminum chloride and soil. 

Vases, hookah, candles holders, jewelry boxes, penholders, bowls, trays, and wine decanters are the most sold-out and general Bidriware products in the Indian as well as International market. 

The craftsmen of Bidriware create various designs on the products of flowers, leaves, geometric designs other than imprinting beautiful plants and human figures. In many countries, people love Persian rose design on the Bidriware handicrafts. 

Bidriware artwork since the beginning was welcomed in affluent and royal places, in short, the lovers of these products belong to the rich community. These handicrafts are very costly, but the regular demand for artworks never stopped the craftsmen. 

Importance of Geographic Identification (GI) Tag for Bidriware handicrafts-

Bidriware is one of the renowned metal art piece adored by all handicraft lovers. Recently Govt. of India has issued GI tag for artisans of Bidriware.  Many of the artisans were finding ways to support their livelihood and then they got support from the govt. In many of the handicraft business, skilled artisans suffer as they don’t get enough penny. 

As the price of raw material is increasing day by day, which also is not in favor of artisans because they cannot afford much now. In the making of Bidriware handicrafts, many artisans weaken their eyesight as they have to work for longer hours to get perfection. 

After the GI tag got issued, the government is actively working to improve the artist’s condition by finding the best artisans and rewarding them for their beautiful artworks. One of the famous artists of Bidriware handicraft Rashid Ahmed got awarded with Rajyotsava Badge for his excellent contribution. 

Now Bidriware products are available online on E-commerce Websites

The digital world has ruled everyone in many possible ways so what artists got benefit from these websites. Nowadays handicraft websites have given support to all artisans and small skilled art workers who were struggling to find the customers. But as the world is online so it is easy to find and sell your favorite handicraft products. E-commerce websites like AuthIndia, Craftsvilla, Amazon, and eBay have helped a number of artists and their families to grow successfully. 

Even these days’ social media influencers are successfully promoting handicrafts products to grab attention and moreover artists’ hard work gets paid off. 

Future of Bidriware Artwork- 

After GI tag acquirement many artisans’ lives got improved, apart from this digital world is really helping these artists to work harder and get paid for their labor. Online forums have given wide options to artists if they are bit techy they can easily display their work. As things are changing so slowly revenue in Bidriware handicrafts will increase as it is unique metalwork. This tradition of artwork will move to many generations as many different forms of artwork are involved in Bidriware handicraft. 

Salute to all Bidriware Artisans!

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