Indian Handicrafts

A crisis scenario is being faced by the handcrafting business due to neglect by people and the authorities. Urgent measures have to be taken to revive the Indian Handicrafts. India is among the countries on earth that has a heritage of handicrafts dating back to 5000 years. From the ruins of Mohenjadaro to Punjab’s embroidery into the Ashoka regime stupas, each art form is identified for its ethnicity.

Indian handicrafts

While UP, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are places that have achieved recognition for their jewelry and crafted items. Rajasthan is famous for its marble inlay work, leather and pottery handicrafts. For centuries, these were worshiped arts whose secrets weren’t shown to the world.

The skills were passed down from one generation to another and this is how every region acquired their distinctive art forms.

The development of the machine age has influenced the artisan’s livelihood. The crafts that these artisans create take months or days of painstaking efforts, but accessibility to a selection of items is seeing people flock.

Indian handicrafts

Awareness about distinctive handmade crafts among people is low and thus experts and the artisans aren’t selling enough to make an adequate living.

Countless of them have given up on this trade in search of greener pastures.

Apathy has even led to the disappearance of many of those treasured arts and some of them like Indian Kantha, an embroidery handicraft is nearly on the brink of extinction.

Indian handicrafts

For any profession to prosper there’s a need to evolve with time and that is where this sphere of work is finding it difficult to catch up with modern times. If this trend carries on, the Indian crafts might quite well be lost in the next decades.

The government along with marketing companies therefore have a big role to play in up-keeping of these arts.

Indian handicrafts

The visual and aesthetic appeal of these handicrafts and handmade products need to reach a wider audience and this could only be done by creating more consciousness among people. Technology may also have a big role in promotion of these handicraft items. Today the world is connected through the internet and that is a tool that may be utilized to connect with global audiences.

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