Celebrate the Indian art and design movement with GoodEarth

It was no less than a revolution in indigenous homeware and decor when Good Earth embarked upon the journey of integrating Indian crafts and decorative arts in their line of products in the year 1991. Now celebrating its 25th-anniversary triumphantly, the brand collaborates with artists Rebecca Campbell who designs it’s new Boshoporus dining collection.

Having earned a great reputation among patrons on both regional and a national scale, Goodearth gives people a chance to dabble into the high quality of Indian crafts which never cease to enthrall the beholder.  

Founder Anita Lal saw the precious worth of India’s craft skills long before these concepts became buzzwords in the design world. The year 1991 brought a slew of change as before that the affluent Indians would look for the west and imported all things. Her impetus, passion, and tenacity ushered an India-centred design movement that continues to resonate.

Later In 1996, Anita Lal, opened a small shop in Mumbai’s Kemps Corner neighborhood with a 15-member design team, mostly women comprising both product and graphic designers, and the Good Earth fused its own creative vision with colossal feats of engineering of interiors, art projects, cultural collaborations, craft, and design interventions, and a piece-by-piece contemporization of India’s legacy of craftsmanship.

Besides proving its metal in the interior decor projects like the Rajmahal palace in Jaipur and Moon House Haveli, as well as richly illustrated journals and coloring books, the brand partnered with the Victoria and Albert Museum five years back in London to promote the Fabric of India exhibition, replete with a flash mob (naturally, it was A.L.’s idea). Last month, it became a part of the Heirloom Project, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, to mark a decade of the museum’s Islamic wing. The label has designed cushions, table linen, and crockery that reflect India’s cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Some designs like Charbagh and Periyar created by the team tempt one to rush close to nature, hand-block-printed elements of latter entice the romance of the Periyar river in Kerala—became so popular that they are almost ubiquitous. Then there’s Rosabagh, inspired by vintage Persian miniatures and enchanting Mughal gardens.

Recently Bosporus dining collection of Good Earth is designed by distinguished British artist Rebecca Campbell who speckled the assortments with alluring pomegranates and roses motifs.

Images by Goodearth

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