Celebrating India’s Art through Project PARI

Project PARI (Public Art of India), initiated by India’s Ministry of Culture, aims to showcase the country’s rich artistic heritage through public art installations. Launched alongside the 46th World Heritage Committee Meeting, the project merges traditional Indian art forms with modern themes.

Led by the Lalit Kala Akademi and the National Gallery of Modern Art, it features over 150 visual artists creating murals, sculptures, and installations inspired by diverse traditions like Phad, Thangka, and Gond.

Inspired by nature, Indian toys, Gandhi’s principles, and ancient knowledge, Project PARI reflects the essence of Naad (Primeval Sound), the harmony of life, and the symbolic Kalpataru (the divine tree). Women artists play a significant role, showcasing India’s cultural diversity and empowering NARI SHAKTI (women power).

Project PARI encourages public engagement by transforming urban spaces into cultural galleries. Through social media, participants are invited to share their experiences and selfies with artworks, fostering a collective celebration of India’s artistic wealth. This inclusive approach promotes social cohesion and a shared cultural identity. Join us in exploring and celebrating India’s public art heritage with #ProjectPARI.

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