Chennai Pen Show established the unassailable authority of Penmanship

Organised at Fika Adyar, Chennai between March 8th – March 10th, the  show saw over thirty-odd exhibitors, brandishing more than a hundred brands of suave pens that would compel even a complete philistine to pick one and scribble.

A hub to retailers, manufacturers and collectors alike, Chennai has always had a penchant for fountain pens. Chennai’s second consecutive pen show welcomed a seething  number of people sifting through Sheaffers and Mont Blancs, past exquisite variants, handmade pens, some of which even cost over ₹3 lakh and whatnot with ink and nib.

From Ranga’s full range of hand-crafted ebonite works of art to Shirsendu Bandyopadhyay’s cashew  lacquered creations, a first of its kind pen show compels the visitors to hold one and scribble.

Magna Carta at Chennai Pen Show

‘Kalaignar Pens’ by ASA Pens, Chennai: This range of pens was modelled after the fountain pen used by former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. Priced at ₹850, the pen could hold more ink than a regular fountain pen, making it ideal for an avid writer.

Rare Collections :

  • The Montegrappa Automobili Lamborghini 60°: This limited-edition fountain pen is inspired by the iconic Lamborghini Aventador and looks to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the luxury sports car manufacturer.
  • The Montegrappa Dante Alighieri Paradiso: This pen comes in sterling silver and 18 carat gold.  Priced at ₹6.92 lakh. 
The Montegrappa Gladiator at the Makoba Pen Show

It is only sold as a set of six, costing ₹45 lakh Music nibs, Kanwrite: Used specifically to write musical notations. The nib, designed with two holes and two lines, makes thicker strokes upon more pressure. 

The nib maker hailing from Kanpur, the largest and most versatile in India. Diya Vadodaria was there with her pens and some superb leather carry cases. Hardik Kanakhara and the patriarch of the Magna Carta family were also there with their spread of glitterware.

The Montegrappa Dante Alighieri Paradiso at Makoba Pen Show

As per Nitesh Jain, director, Makoba, using fountain pens is an act of patience, a discipline even. The maintenance of the pen, the control that one exerts over the nib all come into play here. “One can’t write as fast as they’d like while using a fountain pen. The writing instrument dictates the speed, allowing you to think before writing a word,” he says.

The show was enriched by the commendable knowledge of the crowd and the spirited participation of several young people whose energies were truly dynamic. As for some of the hardcore collectors who had come from Chennai, many of them came from different states with EL Dorados in their possession, no wonder they deserve a place like this to flaunt their collections.

Images by Thamodharan B | https://www.thehindu.com/society/chennais-love-affair-with-fountain-pens-why-the-city-hosted-two-hit-pen-shows/article67942682.ece

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