Claymen: Testing the Delicacy of Skillful Hands

Claymen Studio, Delhi

Selling directly through Instagram rather than through galleries,the ceramic studios like Claymen are gaining the traction with their utility and decorative pieces of sheer beauty.

The notion of spending on something handmade rather than buying something mass-produced or disposable seems to be resonating with the people which is one of the reasons why ceramic art is quite a buzz at the moment. Ceramics is one the crafts which one can learn relatively fast and then, in a few years, set up an independent enterprise.Young designers and artists are taking up the meditative crafts practising in their home studios and they love to be called as pottery or ceramic artists.

Aman Khanna of Claymen is of the opinion that the process is peaceful, contemplative and quiet. While going through their own existential crises they are mere witnesses to the fact that. Man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces.  

These claymen figure sculptures emerge from a careful observation of the common man and his dilemmas.  Some are functional, they are hand made and are built to be used.

These objects add aesthetic by taking it away. They simply are what they are: a celebration of a style that lives at peace with its own little imperfections. Some incarnate the dysfunctionality intrinsic to society by hinting at the fragility of the human condition in a more general sense.

The directness and tangibility of these three dimensional objects command the attention of people. Holding them feels like connecting with hands that created them which eventually evinces people to know how things are made and are interested in technique, materials and process. Hence they are put in the realm where they feel inclined to  buy for themselves rather than for an investment.

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