Crafts thrive in the Fray – The Chinar Warriors organises embroidery classes for Daughters of Kashmir

The Chinar warriors in collaboration with Flow Cloud Technology are organizing 3 months of handicraft and embroidery classes for Daughters of Kashmir at Chinar Nau Jawan Club, Boniyar, Baramulla. 60 students have enrolled for the course till now.

A few months back similar workshop was organised by Indian Army in sequestered region of  Lar Noo village in Kokemag tehsil of Anantanaag district, South Kashmir with the noble objective towards Employment for underprivileged Kashmiri Daughters. It was joined by at least 50 women who acquired the skills in tailoring and cutting in 45 days long workshop.

Headquartered in Srinagar, Chinar Corps, is a Corps of the Indian Army which is presently located in Srinagar and responsible for military operations in the Kashmir Valley. It has participated in all military conflicts with Pakistan and China till date.

The idea of craft center in a “difficult location,” where air has been full of contradicted political notions is noble and brave one. Occupying the creative and purposeful space again after years of turmoil and insurgencies feels very powerful and very empowering to the local women.

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