Creativity coupled with heritage and innovation is a key to the sustainable design

As architects look for ingenious use of raw materials with bespoke designs, traditional crafts can play a vital role in sustainable designs. Margherita Cesca, Director of Architecture, Lanpro UK in exclusive interaction casts a light on the significance of ancient crafts in a paradigm of Modern and Future Architecture.

How an Architect’s ability to synthesize the crafts can be leveraged in modern architectures?

As a designer/architect I push myself to discover, discuss and talk about the raw materials, the production, and manufacturing of the products I specify. In order to respond to Climate Change and adapt to the Circular Economy principles, I have the responsibility of learning and understanding the full cycle of the materials I select for my projects. In my opinion, this is a paradigm of Modern and Future Architecture.

Shed some light on the role of collaboration between European and modern Indian architects to bring about designs that reflect cross-cultural engagement.

India inspires energy, creativity, and contemplation. Creativity coupled with heritage and innovation. Combining modern requirements with ancient traditions is one of the keys to positive design. Creativity allows the process to become interesting, appealing, and surprisingly effective. The secret is more communication and exchange. 

How one should design to stay ahead of what the market wants in terms of aesthetics and innovation and retaining the identity of craftsmen at the same time?

Research, Understanding, Empathy are the virtues that shall be followed with religious conviction. Design is a fascinating blend of different sciences, disciplines, and emotions. Being able to balance innovation with ancient traditions and beautiful materials is an extremely captivating process. Sustainability is learning from the past and re-adapting through innovation.

As a consultant, do you see a nuanced discourse on design movements in India? How do you react to terms such as maximalist minimalism, contemporary art decor?

I tend to push for minimalism, adding detailed and bespoke breath-taking elements of strong creative design pieces, including artwork, sculptures, and crafted precious objects. From my perspective and experience, I always listen, consider, and respect the client/end-user requirements and preferences. This will enable me to opt for the adequate style adding my personal design touch responding beautifully to the brief to create the most suitable space and atmosphere.

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