CV Raman’s Bengaluru Home: Art of Memory, Fantasy, and Thought

Avijit Dutta, a Kolkata-based artist, drew profound inspiration from Sir CV Raman’s legacy when commissioned to create a commemorative stamp for the 75th anniversary of the Raman Research Institute in Bengaluru. His pivotal moment came with approval from the authorities, prompting a deeper exploration of Bengal’s connection with Raman.

This journey inspired “The Revisiting,” a series of 15 paintings exhibited at Raman’s historic home, Panchavati, curated by Vivek Radhakrishnan of KYNKYNY Art Gallery, who was impressed by Dutta’s expressive visual language. Dutta said, “Every exhibition unfolds with a natural, spontaneous rhythm. Despite occasional revisions, all elements seamlessly integrate.”

The artworks pay homage to two cities: Kolkata and Bengaluru. Infused with the lively spirit of his hometown, the artist also captures Bengaluru’s refined charm. Panchavati’s ambiance shifts the artist’s perspective to another era, revealing a captivating interplay between past and present. It’s a testament to how Raman’s legacy continues to shape the creative journey of one of India’s foremost contemporary artists.

Panchavati, Sir CV Raman’s home in Malleswaram, is a striking colonial bungalow built in 1911, where he resided for nearly three decades until his passing. Surrounded by a 2.5-acre lush estate with ancient trees, it stands as a rare oasis amidst Bangalore’s urban sprawl.

The house, with its octagonal central hall and adjoining rooms under lofty Madras roofs, exudes a timeless grandeur. Collaboratively restored by Radhakrishnan and the Raman Trust, it now harmoniously blends original architecture with subtle adaptations that effortlessly accommodate its new role as an exhibition venue, where art and heritage converge seamlessly.

The perfect timing and thematic synergy brought Dutta’s work to Panchavati. The exhibition also highlights the short film “My City, My Mother,” co-created by Radhakrishnan and filmmaker Manush John, celebrating Dutta’s profound bond with Kolkata. “The Revisiting” was showcased at Panchavati during its opening weekend on June 22nd and 23rd, and is now available for viewing at KYNKYNY Art Gallery until July 19th.

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