Delectable Fusion of Culinary and Design : 145 Café & Bar by Sumessh Menon

This artistic restaurant crafted by Sumessh Menon serves as a vibrant ode to the city’s thriving culinary landscape, celebrating the scrumptious tapestry of flavors and craftsmanship.

Sumessh Menon & Associates has morphed the expansive space into a vibrant joint with patterned flooring that navigates visitors through an ecstatic journey of sensory delights.Drawing inspiration from the bustling scenes of the late 1990s, the design was conceptualized  to conceive a boldly hued space.

145 Kolkata offers a holistic and immersive architectural experience that goes beyond mere functionality, inviting visitors to engage with the space on a deeper level. It serves as a testament to the city’s spirit, elevating the ambiance and celebrating the essence of Kolkata through thoughtful design elements and spatial arrangements.

As per designer, “the clients were focused on incorporating bold hues, edgy pop art, and a welcoming ambiance that would resonate with the youthful demographic of Kolkata.”

“The newly designed facade, featuring its expansive apertures, functions as a threshold to a mesmerizing view of Park Street’s vibrant scenery,” articulates Sumessh, expressing his satisfaction with the end product. “Our vision also encompassed infusing a hint of Mumbai’s ethos into the core of Kolkata, bridging the divide between these two dynamic architectural landscapes,” he mentions.

A monumental artwork bathed in vibrant hues commands attention, heralding the beginning of an extraordinary and unforgettable journey within. Continuing through the establishment, the focal point of the restaurant emerges as a grandiose 60-70-foot-long bar, captivating all with its elegant and striking design. Adjacent to the culinary heart of the establishment, exclusive private seating and dining sections beckon those in pursuit of a secluded and intimate sanctuary within the vibrant culinary landscape.

The ceiling at 145 Kolkata is adorned with intricate MCM sheets, showcasing a textured jute finish that adds a layer of tactile richness to the space. The bar area features chip mosaic flooring, introducing a vibrant splash of color that anchors the design concept. Every corner and hidden alcove within the establishment is thoughtfully crafted to unveil new discoveries, transcending the traditional boundaries of dining venues.

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