Designed by Karigar Design Studio the new ‘Padmanabham’ firmly holds on to the traditional building craft-forms of Chettinad 

A visit to this new entity of South Indian restaurant chain ‘Padmanabham’ , Pusa road, New Delhi becomes much more than a culinary experience as it stands as a testament to the power of traditional crafts in hospitality design.

Themed on locomotive design, Karigar Design Studio has imbued the element of Chettinad mansions mixed with northern schools of Art. Principal Architect Anjali Aggarwal took the responsibility of crafting a space that not only embodies the essence of South India but also seamlessly integrates it with contemporary elements.

One of the key elements of this design journey was to draw inspiration from the traditional building craft-forms of South India. Rather than confining ourselves to a modern palette of materials and techniques, Karigar opted to pay homage to the native crafts that have stood the test of time. This approach aimed to intrigue the visitors and, more importantly, translate the essence of the region into a palpable reality.

The charm of the place lies in the details of the artworks, objects and  artifacts that are thoughtfully placed, each with its own story to tell, creating an immersive experience.

From earthy tones combined with eclectic touches of aqua blue, complemented by wooden furnishings, create a strong sense of regal dining place. This environment fosters a feeling of ownership and belonging for our customers, forging a deep connection with the cultural roots of South India.

The ornate and intricately carved pillars are reminiscent of the Chettinad mansions. These pillars not only serve as architectural marvels but also narrate the folktales and values of the region.

As per owners, the profound gastronomy of Padmanabham is etched into the memories of patrons , thus fully realizing the client’s vision of bringing a taste of South India to the North.

Images by Tarang Goyal | Architecture Plus Design

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