Embracing the Geometry of the Weave- Handwoven bamboo screens of Artist Residency,’ Farm 8′ change the priorities of Architecture

Wrapped in a facade of woven bamboo screens with wooden drywall, far from the hustle bustle of cosmopolitan, Artist Residency, Farm 8 designed by Studio Array offers a sanctuary for creative community along with triggering dialogue between nature and architecture.

Initially conceived as a studio space for its clients, artist collective founders Ranbir and Rashmi Kaleka, the structure ultimately grew to encompass a sustainable farm and creative hub.

Keen to preserve the heritage of the plot, the architects at Studio Array mapped the Farm 8 artist residency along the existing foundations and columns on site. 

They used a blend of materials, entwining  bamboo, and wooden drywall with  lightweight steel and  glass construction. This thoughtful approach not only adds character to the residency but also reflects the sustainable ethos that drives the artist residency Farm 8.

The prime focus of designers was to create a connection between the indoors and the lush nature surrounding Farm 8.  Soft light glows through the bamboo facades during the evening. Lightweight steel, glass, bamboo, and timber intertwine with the pre-existing structures.

The brick flooring, laid without mortar in the semi-open pavilions, is intended to age and desaturate, allowing grass and weeds to naturally integrate with the built space. Within the private areas, lime, wax-stained dry walls, and hand-casted and polished cement flooring add a touch of warmth and softness, bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors.

By embracing an innovative roof design, the team elevates the residency and frames glimpses of the verdant surroundings. The modularity of these roofs creates an interplay of spatial scales, allowing the built form to blend effortlessly with the green landscape. 

The architecture takes shape with natural materials selected to age gracefully over time. Hand-woven bamboo screens, drawing inspiration from the farm’s environment, elegantly privatize the living quarters while inviting nature to become a part of the design evolution.

Photographs by Edmund Sumner

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