Ethnic decor: Turn your house into home

The decadence of tanjore and Mysore traditional south Indian painting is sure to outact the trivial languor of daily life pervasive in your humble abodes. Madhurya creation presents the traditional paintings which are unmistakably a goto embellishment for ethnic decor.

Social media has played a remarkable role in mobilising the trend of incorporating traditional paintings in the home decor and lifestyle market in recent times.

As Education and awareness of royal arts drive the interest and curiosity of people towards decorating their houses with something meaningful and culturally appealing, interior designers also feel the need to revitalise Indian handmade art, recommending them for ethnic interiors.

Interiors studio like Madhurya creation is making the deal to the right in decorating the homes with traditional gems to infuse the sense of royalty even in the humble dwellings

Earlier royal painting like Thanjavur and Mysore of southern India faced existential issues but thanks to the veteran practitioners and colleges of art who helped in the revival of these splendid arts.Thanjavur and Mysore school of painting are now being taught for creating economic empowerment amongst the artists’ fraternity.

Thanjavur paintings are marked by an iconic composition of glittering gold foils overlaid on delicate but extensive gesso work. Having an inlay of glass beads, precious stones and semi-precious stones they become an article of unparalleled beauty,  while the Mysore style differentiated itself with exclusive free-hand detailing and colouring. They depict elaborate landscapes and darbar halls and elephants in contrast to the intense depiction of religious characters in Thanjavur paintings.

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