Facts about Khurja Pottery

  • Khurja is a traditional pottery work carried out in India it is a place located in Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh. it is also called as ‘the ceramic town’.
  • It is famous for its pottery work made by using material clay. it is a handicraft product that is handmade and hand painted.
  • Khurja pottery came from 500 years back at the time of Mughal emperor.
  • Making of Khurja pottery involve certain steps which are as follows: 1) preparing the clay 2) clay molding 3) smoothening and painting 4) glazing 5) firing process.
  • Khurja pots has various advantages its clay pots are good for cooking food it maintains the PH balance which make the food less acidic and cook the food with less oil and retains all the nutrients.
Khurja Pottery Servewares | Image by Hisour
  • Khurja pottery is protected under the Geographical indicator of the agreement on [TRIPS] Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • The potters often call them Multani Kumhars says that because their origin was Multan. this creative pottery is livelihood for the number of artisian of Khurja.
  • At present there are almost 500 factories in the city which produce Khurja artwork that is pots, vases, crockery, tiles, and other ceramic products. 
  • Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute is the most famous institute of pottery work which is host in Khurja at present.
  • In modern days Khurja pottery has created place not only in Indian market but also in international market it gains popularity.
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