For some it’s all about feeling aristocratic blues – Royal Heritage Haveli in Jaipur artfully fits the bill

Built in the 18th century by His Highness, Madho Singh the II of Jaipur, The Royal Heritage Haveli opens its doors after 250 years as a boutique hotel after being refurbished by artists with hand painted frescoes and Rajasthani miniature paintings.

The dreamy venue in Jaipur which once used to be a hunting lodge of his highness Madho Singh II, today it is wrapped in bold blues and  amiably welcomes the guest with unimpeachable hospitality and heartiness.

Enticing the very elements of luxury and leisure, with its hand-painted frescoes adorn the walls in an Indo-Mughal approach; providing personalised experiences of the bygone era for every guest, the Haveli is enveloped by emerald green gardens flushed with flora, stretched over 100,000 sq ft the estate is blanketed with lush lawns, comfortable courtyards, opulent ornamentation and luxurious living areas.

A total of 14 suites and one apartment, featuring exclusive themes and decor washed in individual colour schemes each, the Royal Heritage Haveli is devoted to delivering private and soothing ambience to visitors.

The authentic antique furnishings cloaked with rich fabrics, the suites are an unmistakable reminder of royal way of life, perfecting the melange of charming aristocratic elements.

Reflecting Rajasthani craftsmanship inherited by the generations, the resort illustrates an image of traditional time-honoured architecture mingled with modernist minimal details. The property exhibits a glimpse of the area’s abundance of history and hospitable visit apt for the 21st century.

The enchanting resort is reminiscent of Indo-Mughal approach in its aesthetics, with bright and beautiful hand-painted frescoes dressing the walls, all-embracing arches allowing in an abundance of natural light and baroque block and tile, each room exudes an old world charm and opulence of its own.

The blue room is inspired from a private zenana, where bachelorette women would lodge in yesteryear. Intricate archaic interior details in the hotel’s architecture including hand painted ceiling frescoes strike the observer’s eye; Baroque block and tiles craft a classic clean canvas for the colourful chrome schemes in the suites.

The resort’s cover reflects Rajasthani craftsmanship inherited round generations.Set in the exteriors of the dwelling, a lap pool fenced by sand-coloured Jaisalmer stone and marble sunbathing sections boasts views of umbrella palms and frangipani trees.The Baradari, a stunning stone and marble veranda allows more intimate and exclusive dinners.

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