Golden Haveli in Chandni Chowk ushered into a new dawn of enduring Metropolis

Flanked by historic Jain temples and dilapidated mansions having arched gateways, the recently renovated Golden Haveli in Gali Anar, the heart of Chandni Chowk stands juxtaposed with its swanky yet traditional makeover.

In the vicinity of Jama Masjid, where the past and present often wrestle to co-exist, a 20th-century haveli, owned by politician Vijay Goel  has been given a fresh lease of life.

According to the owner Vijay Goel, The land for the haveli, spread across 200 square yards, was purchased by Lala Nem Chand Kapur in 1906, a prominent businessman whose ancestors came to Shahjahanabad, as the walled city was then known, during Aurangzeb’s rule.

Amidst multistorey old buildings with ownership disputes, increasing population pressure and rampant commercialisation in the area have played a role in owners and custodians of havelis moving out or selling their houses to private builders.

Goel engaged Architect Kapil Agarwal of Spaces Architect to implement his revamp vision, he had also worked in the restoration of Dharampura Haveli.

In contrast to Dharampura haveli in gali guliyan 100 m afar, this haveli is more vivid and baths in golden hues, As per Goel, the architects and designer have retained the original aesthetics and elements of the haveli in line with conservation principles. The jaalis and pillars are authentic. Wherever the glass panels were damaged, they have been replaced by coloured glass panels.

The facade at the entrance is adorned with decorative floral carvings and alcoves and has a wooden door in the centre.

The Haveli has three floors with a basement, a mezzanine floor, and a central courtyard around which the rooms are arranged. Sandstone and marble pillars line the corridors along the courtyard.

Inaugurated in  March by external affairs after four years of meticulous restoration, Golden Haveli has become the second 19th  century mansion in the area to find new life as a heritage guesthouse.

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