Handmade Diya: Decoration in Traditional Style

The significance of Diya in Indian culture is ineffable. It is commencing from Hindu mythology as they were used to welcome Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile with lighting up Diyas. In Indian culture Diyas hold the concern to be the source of insight, knowledge, and wisdom. Diyas are the fixtures that reside in every home and temple in India. Since the traditional aspect of Diya also gives a large business to the Indian handicrafts industry. Indian craftsmen use their creative skills to make significant changes in the designs and patterns of Diyas. No wonder why this tiny handmade Diya has this massive impact in an Indian household. Beginning from auspicious festivals in India to offering daily prayer, these little lamps have enormous value. Diwali and Navratri are amongst several festivals where decorative Diyas are the primary requirement for the decoration as well as the Arti ceremony. This tremendous history of handmade Diyas is exemplary to bring the Indian tradition with large business scales to Indian handicrafts. Meanwhile they enlighten the home and brings positivity with their presence.

How are Decorative Diyas made?

The traditional Diyas are generally made with clay, but the evolution in the designs has also brought brass lamps in usage. The pottery handmade Diyas are for the temporary use whereas the brass Diyas are for the long term usage. The handmade Diya decorations are peculiar during the time of Diwali. Handmade Diyas for Diwali are mandatory as part of the decoration. Hence, the Diya decoration is often about enlightenment and wisdom in every Indian mythology. Traditional Diyas come in several sizes, shapes and designs. The handmade Diya making business has long run and heritage businesses running  in India, which is running households of many Indian handicrafts involved in the Pottery industry. The raw materials of mud and fuel are readily available in rural areas in India. The raw materials of black and red soils are commonly found near river banks. These soils are further cleaned, dried and mixed accordingly using water and knead.  The pottery artist makes the product using the prepared clay in turning the machine and mould. These handmade Diyas are further kept for drying for 2-3 days, and then they are tempered in a high-temperature oven to attain durability. The heating process takes around 24 hours and released to cool overnight. Ultimately, the Diyas are taken out from the kiln and accepted for sale.

Indian Pottery Craft

How are simple pottery enriched with decoration? 

Diyas habe been used with and without decoration for years. The idea of painted and decorated Diyas is influencing the culture of art with its creative aspect. Thus, handmade Diyas with decoration gains tremendous attention from Indian as well as audiences across the globe. The decoration of handmade Diyas is generally done using colourful oil paints and beads. The attractive and bright oil paints allure and intensify the aesthetics of Diyas. As the handicraft business and interest of the public in Indian craftsmanship are raising, the Diya decoration is not lagging behind either. These handmade Diyas with decoration have a significant presence in outdoors as well as indoors decoration for various occasions. The usage of colours for decoration is indeed safe for the artist as well as the customer.  Consequently, the importance of Diyas in house fulfils its purpose of following the tradition as well as enhancing the appeal.

Sales of Decorative handmade Diyas in India

Billions of handmade Diyas for Diwali as well as other occasions are made yearly in India. Majorly for Diwali, since it is “the festival of lights”. The artistic designs in Diya done with paints and other decorative stand out in the dark and mesmerize the interior decorum. The diversity in size, shapes, colours, and types has an intensive impact on handicraft designs, and therefore they never fail to allure the public. The evolution in models such as Diya stand and handle are moving ahead in the direction of comfort for people. The enhanced features of Diya decorations such as long-lasting colours and dustproof are raising the standards of Indian handicraft. Since the designing of decorative Diya might sound easy, yet they require intensive and careful attention and peculiarity. The decoration in handmade Diya lasts long and catches the attention as home decor remarkably. Therefore, the sale of handmade decorative Diyas is tremendous during the festival.

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