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As interior designers have been including the intoxicating scents in their design plans, Rajiv Sheth, Master Perfumer & Creative Director, All Good Scents with over two decades of experience talks about the prospective market opportunities and significance of traditional attar maker in lifestyle and decor market. 

The fragrance is an essential element of many Interior designers’ design plans, as carefully considered as paint colour, lighting, and furniture placement. How do you see the impact that scent has on the mood and ambience of interior spaces?

RS: While interior designers have been including scent in their design plans, it is only until quite recently that a majority of the world’s population has recognised the influence that scent has on our mood and well-being. Until then, for most people in India, lighting candles at home was done on special occasions or before the arrival of guests.

Today, the fragrance category has seeped into our urban spaces: the need to carefully build our olfactory atmosphere comes with the understanding that certain scents can enhance one’s overall mood and elevate a selected area.


Tell us about the range of home fragrances crafted by your organisation if any for different interior spaces like bedrooms, kitchens and Hall to evoke various moods?

RS: Currently within our range we have six soy-scented candles – Pétale De Rose, Patchouli Noir, Vanilla Blanc and our new addition, the Festive Candle Set which comes with Oud and Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Cassis. 

One of the most inviting scents for home is Vanilla. This sweet and rich scent when blended with jasmine, adds an air of playfulness to your home. 

Oud and Patchouli will highlight one’s dining experience, with its creamy scents of oud, patchouli, bergamot, jasmine and rose. 

I would recommend Cassis and Ylang Ylang to be lit in intimate areas where the scents from these candles will gently enhance the conversations in these spaces, like the hall or bedroom. 

How do you see the scope of traditional Attar makers of India specially Kannauj and Uttar Pradesh in international markets, what are the main impediments they are faced with at present?

RS: I see more scope for traditional Attars makers in India, to make a comeback, than in international markets. These are traditional perfumes which find greater appeal in India and the Middle East. The main impediment is the availability and costs of Sandalwood oil which makes the best base of all attars and virtually no marketing and branding spends by makers of these fragrances.

I see more scope for traditional Attars makers in India, to make a comeback, than in international markets.

Let us know the potential markets having demand for Indian fragrances in post covid economy? 

RS: With the sense of smell gaining a lot of importance there is a rise in homegrown perfumery brands post covid. We see quite a few entrepreneurs launching fragrant products in several categories including fine fragrances, home, wellness and bath & body. 

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