How The Lalit Suri Hospitality School’s Design is fairly Hospitable to Environment : Reinventing Traditional Jaalis and Jharokhas

Designed with nature in mind, the institute in Faridabad, designed by Morphogenesis with locally produced bricks imparts education in the service of luxury hospitality.

Higher education from the modern world can certainly rekindle the old-fashioned quest for meaning by returning to the era of medieval and monastic schools and applying their wisdom in the design of  present day institutions.

The brief given by the owners stipulated a design for a sustainable campus that would be set within a modest institutional framework and prepare students for a future in the Indian hospitality trade.

The design makes experiments with different forms and levels of fenestrations, revealing interesting gaps, thus, reinventing the tradition of the jaali and jharokha.

Landscaped courtyards enhance the cross-movement of fresh air within the building and reduce temperatures through the stack effect. Brick cavity walls, terrace gardens, and cantilever projections further reduce heat gain. 

Stepwells that are integrated within the design scheme are used as open-air theatres when empty. Cafeterias double up as F&B outlets, where the students eat as well as learn service. The kitchens are designed to enable students to cook as well as practice their service skills.

The planning was done in a way to safeguard the green cover of neem trees aobutting the site’s northern edge. Therefore, the building actively engages and intertwines with the tree clusters by moving back and forth as required, resulting in multiple landscaped courtyards and shaded areas.

Needless to say that educational institutions can be instrumental in cultivating the personaa and mindset of  students and a mindfully designed building can certainly instill the idea of sustainability and endurance in the green minds.

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