Hyderabadi artist Sudhakar Chippa’s exhibition ‘Changing Terrains’ depicts intrepid cityscapes of Deccan for Earth Day

Employing various mediums like printmaking, painting, etching, Terracotta carved relief and various others, this time he comprises around 50 artworks in ‘Changing Terrains’ to portray the ever-evolving Deccan landscape.

The topography of Telangana can be distinguished by rocks, boulders and lush green cover which has always fed the  imagination of city-based artists like Sudhakar Chippa, who is credited with the Bombay Art Society Award and the Hyderabad Art Society Award.

According to the artist, a rapid and indiscriminate expansion of Hyderabad’s cityscape due to urbanisation and modernisation has led to dengenation of life forms and biodiversity. The artist’s works reflect the landscape and migration that deeply impacted him as he moved to the city from rural Telangana.

Curator G Vignesh reflects upon the  flourishing art scene he observed in Hyderabad and the role of gallery spaces in the same, “The city is eventually growing and people are becoming more aware of contemporary art practices. We have galleries that not only exhibit artworks but also conduct workshops, discussions, and art consultation sessions to guide artists and art collectors.” he adds.

Sudhakar credits an artist’s individual practice and ingenuity along with the pedagogical approach of the art institutions that is helping the art scene in the city to thrive.

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