Idol makers won’t let the pandemic steal the fervour of festival

Celebrations on Ganesh Chaturthi this year may not be as grand and imposing as they usually are when devotees dabbled in shared conviction swoon and dance to the tunes of Ganpati Bappa and festooned Pandals ornate the streets thickly and fill them with the divine fragrances for ten days. But the idol makers and artists are exhibiting the unwavering devotion in crafting the decorus and magnificent sculpture of ganesha.

Although the rush and demand has been affected and immersion of the idols at the end of the festival will not be as frenetic and extravagant as it happens with the fanfares and dancing procession every year following the social distancing norms amidst ongoing pandemic. Conventionally, a Ganesh idol of 30 feet height or more and need dozens of people to be carried in the procession but this year authorities has directed that they can not be more than 1.1 metres tall on account of avoiding the mass gathering.

But the artists and sculpture believe that the virus can’t budge their faith and firm belief on the almighty whose blessing will wipe out all the woes and bestow upon them the strength to face the hardships.

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