In Pursuit of Evoking Soulful Musical Sensibilities Through Rabab

With his sheer determination and passion for lute-like folk instruments, the youngest Rabab player from Kashmir dreams to take Kashmiri traditional music globally through social media.

The tradition of Sufi singers in Kashmir who used to perform in mehfils, soirees and the gatherings of dervishes, dates back many centuries. However, the music and songs had gradually been fading into oblivion owing to a myriad of changes in musical preferences of the people.

As per the young instrumentalist Adnan, it was a quest enough to pursue his passion for Rabab due to the aspiration of his family to score top ranks in academics but against all the odds he manages to follow the very core of his being.

In pursuit of introducing Kashmir’s soulful heritage to the world, he has been playing Rabab for a long time  in various compositions of Hindi and English songs and uploading them on instagram to the hearing of a wider audience, receiving a million views.

Addressing it as an instrument that brings  peace and composure to his soul, time and things are changing so is the trend of music in our valley. People are now taking an interest in learning music and instruments. Many young people are already taking it as their profession.

Folk traditionalists were proving hard to win over the reality that sits clear as a daylight on the fringes of the music industry but with  change in the trajectory of people’s interest, there is enormous hope this music may go a long way.

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