Indian architecture studio Wallmakers wins 2022 Royal Academy Dorfman Award for Architecture

Supported by the Dorfman Foundation and announced by the Royal Academy of Arts, the annual award recognizes new ideas and practices that highlight the future potential of architecture.

Wallmakers were selected from among the four international finalists, including UK studio Apparata, Japanese firm dot architects, Peruvian firm Semillas, and Indian studio Wallmakers.

Founded by Vinu Daniel in 2007, Wallmakers’ design philosophy strives to find the solutions to increasing carbon footprints of building by using natural materials, such as mud and waste originating in and imported to India.Wallmakers has been employing conventional ways of making buildings in search of an architecture that is ecological and unique to its context.

The Ledge, situated on a cliff overlooking Peeremedu in Kerala, and IHA Residence, made of curvaceous bamboo elements, in the busy city of Thiruvananthapuram are among key projects of the office.

As per Daniel, “Wallmakers hopes to popularise non-linear architecture practices which take architects away from offices and brings them onto their site, where they can study and minimise the damage our work brings to ecosystems.”

“Hopefully, in future we will create positive symbiosis with the ecosystems we build on and teach the importance of natural habitat to everyone, ranging from the workers at site, to clients who sponsor us,” the architect continued.

As the RA explained, the practice was selected by judges “who were impressed by Daniel’s energy, creativity and willingness to take risks while achieving sustainable buildings that exist harmoniously within the landscapes and ecologies in which they are erected.”

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