Kanjivaram Weaver turned Hindrance into Action

The national award winning weaver and designer B Krishnamoorthy acted on the inspiration that struck him during lockdown and came up with a unique kanjeevaram saree imbued with zari work. He went on to set up loom anew for making his imagination a reality. The craft of silk weaving, he inherited from him his grandfather who descended it to his father.

There are various types of sarees produced by kancheepuram weavers depending upon the weaving patterns. The cotton sari is woven using 140 count cotton thread, has a rich brocaded silk, double coloured border. The border has been woven into the sari using the patni and double korvai method, which is a traditional kanchipuram style. The patni method is long but forgotten now.The silk border and pallav method is used in other places. Benaras and Andhra Pradesh weavers use the method on cotton but not in Tamil Nadu. They only weave silk pallav with designs and their saris are priced at above ₹40,000,” Krishnamoorthy informed.

The sari he has created is exquisite in the sense that it has two color border – yellow and maroon. While the yellow border has thread work, woven using jacquard method, the zari work ornated in maroon. He sourced cotton yarn from Paramakudi and the silk from the government cooperatives outlets. Despite sharp increase in the price of zari due to lockdown, the fact that the prices are kept reasonable is drawing quite many takers. He also contemplates on making such double border sarees without zari work to make them affordable to masses.     

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