Ladakh Sarai – Where Silence is the Loudest Sound

Nestled in the sparse shade of the Stok Range in Zanskar Himalayas, the charming interior of heritage stay, Ladakh Sarai commands the attention of tourists from across the world cause it exudes a local way of nomadic life.

From prehistoric rock art, medieval Buddhist stupas to early modern castle architecture or wall paintings to Pashmina, the genesis of Art and Architecture in Ladakh has always been influenced by its location across the great communications routes linking India with Tibet and Central Asia.

Inheriting a heritage property favored with nature’s luxury, Ringzin Namgyal, co-founder of Ladakh Sarai opened it, visitors, in 2011 and always wanted to run a place that could enrich the experience of travelers both aesthetically  and leisurely.

Restraunt Photo: Ladakh Sarai | Artefacts Pic: Pooja Naik

Tucked away in Leh district’s Saboo village, the 19 room accommodation stand inviting to a wandering soul amidst the vistas of the Stok range of Trans Himalayas only because it is imbued with the unmistakable beauty and tase of local crafts and cuisines.

Three distinct types of accommodations namely – the mud houses, duplexes, and chalets, each christened after names of hamlets are built-in traditional wood some architecture. Apart from this the space of Yoga class can overshadow the most handsome flowering garden on the earth.

Wake up in the warm reverie of your mud-house that retains both traditional Ladhaki architecture while ensuring all amenities to a soothing sense of comfort during their stay. The intimately luxurious Duplex with amazing wood carved furniture offers an unparalleled view of The Stok mountain range and overlooks the village of Saboo.

A luxury property that is steeped in history and representative of Ladhaki tradition and culture in its architecture and style, with its own private dining room that overlooks an apple orchard and the outline of the Stok Range. The Heritage is a bungalow with three luxury rooms that include en-suite bathrooms.

Talking about that, the farms occupy a significant area in Sarai for cultivating vegetables and fruits for a fresh farm menu, the traditions of Ladakh and give one a sense of this ecological paradise. The village adjacent goes with our gesture and takes the solid method for living. the vegetable and non–meat wastes from the kitchen encourage the village to nourish the strongholds while they get dairy and a few farm items from them.

“Chansa is Communal dining space” and primary eating corridor in Sarai serving breakfast, lunch, and supper that are additional setup with the “High Tea” and “In-Room Dining”. One can’t get enough of the evergreen flavors in the traditional style of cooking. We additionally keep our appointments open for private feasting or any little assembling.

Though over the last decade there has been a noticeable boom of heritage hotels in Lakdah which employ employ local Ladakhi masons and other artisans for a myriad of different projects in the region and many are still under construction, Ladkha Sarai retains an individual charm of its own.

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