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Crafts Council of Telangana (CCT) has been inviting an even larger audience to CCT Spaces in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, an abode for retail, exhibitions and workshops. Recently the avant-garde designer Gaurang Shah inaugurated the space presenting his new project ‘Interlace’ on traditional Jamdani weaving technique which indeed trains the eyes of beholder to readily admire it.

‘Interlace’ put to display the various other weaves from different parts of India like Kasi, Kota, Srikakulam, Uppada, Venkatagiri, created directly on the loom besides the intensive Dhakai weave, Jamdani. According to Shah it took a weaver almost eight to ten months on a loom to create the easiest design. CCT Spaces, thus intends to establish a souk for traditional crafts and handloom weavers.

The term Jamdani came into colloquial use in India during Mughal Empire. With its origin in Persia it is made up of “jam” meaning flower and “dani” meaning vase. The name is suggestive of the beautiful floral motifs on these sarees. Earlier, Dhaka was one of many ancient textile weaving centers in Bengal region practising this labour intensive craft.

Hyderabad has always been the epicenter of lifestyle exhibitions, but the crafts council of Andhra Pradesh has been cut above the rest ever since it brought together a few weavers to display their collections for an exhibition in the mid 90s. Over the time with changing requirements and demands council realised the need for space that could host and promote weavers and artisans and be a cultural meeting space for anyone interested in handlooms and crafts.

CCT Spaces also showcased Gaurang’s handwoven saris that recreate the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma in the pallu of sari, and a live demonstration of Jamdani weavin to the amazement of the patrons and admirers of traditional crafts.

Website: www.gaurang.co

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