Luxury boutique brand putting buyers in revels of traditional crafts

What a journey it has been for Good Earth which has come a long way in 25 years from a movement to revolutionise indian craftsmanship to become a pioneer of luxury retail with shops in six Indian cities, one in Ankara, one in Istanbul and a web boutique delivering to over 40 countries.

Good Earth managed to imbue the essence of provincial crafts in Indian home interiors. However, when Founder Anita  Lal, a studio potter turned entrepreneur, started off, it was a passion project to create products that were universal yet envisioned through an Indian prism, to “bridge the gap between our rural potters and the urban consumer”.

Pic Credit: Guidepal

The designers have been working in association with artisans practising various crafts like Papier Mache from Kashmir, Ajrakh from Rajasthan & Gujarat, Kansa utensil makers from Orissa, quilt maker women from Jaipur and many others to create a range of home dcor assortments. Recently ceramic tableware created in collaboration with potter Vineet Kacker, and Iris Garden, a 20-year-old vintage design that is being revived with a fresh colour palette on hand block printed textiles and tableware.

The best interiors are a genuine reflection of their inhabitants. Working around an annual theme, and inspirations are rooted in India, the subcontinent and Asia. Sometimes travelling to the source of the inspiration conjures up new cross cultural crafts.

The brands indeed tried to answer some of the fundamental but unasked questions like What does our home mean to us? How do we want to feel about it? What do we value? It’s an inside-out approach that considers how we engage with and experience a space.

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