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2 hours of learning

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Our online Madhubani Painting Course brings the traditional Indian art to your fingertips, allowing you to explore its rich history and master the techniques from the comfort of your home.

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Sun Madhubani painting by Kavita Das

Session 1

Learn different styles & the differences between types of Madhubani art.

Session 2

Learn the signs and patterns of Madhubani Painting and use them to make different motifs.

Session 3

How to make the face of the sun using different strokes of Madhubani art. Learn how to use different forms of Madhubani like Kachni and Bharni to complete your composition.

Course Features:

  1. Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled artists with years of experience in Madhubani Painting. Our instructors provide detailed insights into the history, styles, and techniques essential to this art form.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers everything, from basic brushstrokes to advanced designs, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
  3. Flexibility & Convenience: Access the course content at your own pace, enabling you to practice and learn as per your schedule.
  4. Hands-On Projects: Put your knowledge into practice with hands-on projects, allowing you to create your Madhubani masterpieces.

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Course Details

Madhubani painting is intimately connected to the everyday life of the people in the Mithila region of Bihar. Many rituals are incomplete without the nature-inspired motifs painted on various mediums like clay, paper, and cloth. Though there have been some changes over the years in Mithila paintings, things keep coming back to the traditional content and style

What will the participants learn in the course?

  • Introduction to Madhubani Painting.
  • Different Styles of Madhubani paintings.
  • Basics of the signs, designs of this art form.
  • How these signs and designs can be used to make a motif.
  • Different styles of Sun drawing in Madhubani style.
  • Basic techniques of face feature drawing for Sun.

Materials required

  • A4 Paper
  • 0.3 black pen
  • Pencil eraser
  • Scale
  • Compass
  • Poster colors/Acrylic/Gouache

Know The Artist

Kavita Das

Kavita Das

A NIFT New Delhi graduate, visual merchandiser by profession & a Madhubani Artist. I am from Mithila & learned this art-form from my ancestors. It's been practised by my family members for many occasions, especially in marriage.

Madhubani Paintings by Kavita Das

Get the course for ₹449/- only.

From beginners to enthusiasts, this course caters to all skill levels, providing step-by-step guidance in understanding the fundamental aspects of Madhubani art.

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