Masanori Fukuoka: Fishing for Modern Indian Art for a long time

His inclination towards modern indian art is ever so strong, Masanori Fukuoka a japanese fishing businessman by profession who stirred up the hornet’s nest when he aggressively started collecting the work of Indian artists in 1990. It is very likely that he is the most ardent collector in Asia. He frequented India in 90’s and befriended many celebrated modern artists such as Ram kumar.

Masanori later established the Glenbarra museum in Himeji in southern Japan, chiefly showcasing the works by 20-odd Indian artists. Then he thought that there was a “responsibility” to showcase more Indian artists and bought more out of his own discretion be it an artwork of a popular artist or a novice.

Recently, Pundole’s, a leading auction house in Pune is putting up an online auction of a welter of selected works from the collection, which includes works by doyens like VS Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, MF Husain, Arpita Singh, Jogen Chowdhury, Nasreen Mohamedi, FN Souza, Ram Kumar and others.

Fraternity of modern art in India shall be grateful for his unrelenting passion and longing for collecting modern artwork from india.

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